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Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad your doing better and recovery was easy for you. I am going to get a partial hysterectomy on April 19th. I have multiple uterine fibroids covering my entire lower abdomen. My periods are unbearable and my last period (yay!!!!! lasted two weeks). I am on birth control too so I am very very happy to be getting this procedure done. It will be hard on me emotionally as I never had a child but made a mature decision at 44 to get this done as to no longer be in pain. I tried getting different opinions and reading on different options but will get the partial hysterectomy as this is common in my family and don't want this to grow back. So my Uterine fibroids are multiple like clumped together 13x1 (3!!!!! like the size of a honeydew watermelon). I will be so glad when this gets out of me. Again, thanks so much for sharing as I am getting anxious and scared but I know I will look better and feel better. I won't have to worry about any more heavy periods or painful cramping and my stomach hurting. I can wear white too! whoo hoo!!!!!!! best to you and your little one :)

April 1, 2017 - 2:59pm


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