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Thanks for the informative post!

Yes, stress management definitely helps your body, and the tips you suggested are great for relieving stress. Mind if add another way stress management helps the overall health of your body?

You suggested yoga as a technique for getting rid of stress. Yoga...What's so special about this exercise? You see, yoga triggers a reaction in your body known as the natural relaxation response. What's this? When your body goes through this response, all your tense muscles and nerves loosen up. Your physical and mental being is completely replenished. Also, your immune system starts working better. Why? Yoga helps your mind and body work together in harmony. Too good to be true? Even I first thought so. But yoga rids you of stress through the natural relaxation response. The this response "betters" your body.

Remember those ulcers? Remember that stress? They won't stand a chance against the power of yoga!

For more information on stress relief, feel free to visit http://www.stress-relief-for-you.com

Best Regards,

September 9, 2009 - 2:44pm


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