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I received a reply and results of the Medical Board findings on September 22,2009.

"The Board's investigation staff has thoroughly reviewed the information you provided and does not find a violation of the Medical Practice Act in the Arizona Revised Statutes. Therefore, the Board has dismissed your complaint."

Some of you may wonder whether my filing a complaint was worth it. And I say Yes!! I reported behavior that would be unacceptable to any of us. I feel empowered knowing that the following was accomplished:
1. The doctor was notified in writing of the complaint.
2. The complaint will be in his permanent file forever.

I talked with another doctor friend of mine and he tells me the doctor would have received "a letter of reprimand". My doctor friend also told me that Arizona has a progressive Medical Board, one that is a model for the nation. He said that they work very quickly to resolve these types of complaints and if a doctor is impaired they move in swiftly and get them to treatment.

If any of you are ever in a situation like this, please file a complaint with your states medical board. You may feel embarassed and doubted during the interview, but when you know what has happened to you is the truth keep on going. You not only will make yourself feel empowered you will be helping others to feel empowered too.

Have a healthy and great day.

October 7, 2009 - 4:57pm


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