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I am really branching out. Even with my anxiety issues I was able to accomplish a big vacation by myself. My husband does not enjoy cruises so I went by myself with two girlfriends. My husband went on a golfing vacation with 2 brothers. We both had a great time.

I am usually too anxious to venture far from home alone. But I flew from Phoenix to Philadelphia, changed planes and flew to Montreal where I met my friends for an 11 day autumn adventure cruise from Montreal to New York City. Stayed 2 days in New York. I ventured out from the ship and the hotel just fine. Didn't have to take one anxiety medication the whole time.

Returned to Phoenix last night, my bags had gone to Charleston. Took it in stride. They were found today and are being delivered tonight. Yeah.

My emotional health is returning after the past 6 months of trials. I knew I'd see the light at the end of my issues and I have.

Have a great and healthful day.

October 22, 2009 - 1:55pm


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