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Some GOOD NEWS for you and your boyfriend. At some point in time his "anxiety attacks" (PANIC ATTACKS) can be controlled. I strongly suggest he "bite the bullet" and seek a "qualified" and experienced medical professional. I suggest a phychiatrist first and foremost. A phychiatrist who is known for having a good success rate for panic disorder. One who is willing to deal with a patient "one on one" rather than send the patient to a phycologist or group therapy sessions. I think it's important to seek out a "good" phychiatrist because he/she is also an MD who can eliminate actual physical conditions as possible causes. Anxiety is a very complex problem with a multitude of degrees and variables.
What works for one may do nothing for another. A phychiatrist can order medications that will positively put a patient back in enough control that they can "learn" how their panic is triggered, what goes on in their mind and body that produces the horrific symptoms they experience and allow themselves to function, while retraining their brains so they no longer FEAR panic attacks. You can stop the FEAR. It's perfectly normal and natural to feel panic if you car is stuck on the tracks and a train is coming. It's NOT NORMAL if you're enjoying TV and suddenly, out of nowhere you are thrown into a full blown panic attack. That's the kind of anxiety attack I'm addressing. That and the fear of going somewhere for fear you'll be away from your hospital emergency room or even your own safe bedroom or home. Seek out the very best medical professional you can find, get medicated so you can start your journey back to living without fear.

October 8, 2010 - 2:40pm


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