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My post disappeared, unless there is more than 1 thread on this topic. I want to share that 2 months of Physical Therapy really eased the frozen shoulder pain that developed from the flu shot, which I received a year ago, August 2010.

For months I couldn't sleep on that shoulder, I couldn't raise my arm beyond a certain point, and then I couldn't hook my bra in back. It was going on 7 months before I finally went to see my Dr, who assessed that I developed Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. No CT or MRI needed (only an Xray to rule out calcification). And Physical Therapy.

I couldn't afford to go 3x week, so my PT guy gave me the exercises to do DAILY at home (which I did every single day), and I met with him once a week for 2 months.

My shoulder continues to improve. I can sleep again on that side without interruption, I can raise my arm, I can hook my bra.

I won't get the flu shot again, but there is hope through Physical Therapy (I was injuring myself by trying to do it myself, looking up exercises online, without guidance).

Good Luck!

August 4, 2011 - 12:24pm


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