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As a scientist whose research efforts are focused on testing naturally-derived substances as potential hair loss treatment components, I respect and applaud the philosophy Dr. Ni's message conveys. One of the exciting benefits of the natural approach to health is the fact that botanically-based actives often operate through more than a single metabolic pathway or biochemical mechanism. This is because many such substances are really a 'stew' of fatty acids, sterols and other macromolecules. As a general rule, the alternative therapies report a lower incidence of negative side effect when measured against drugs. The piece of the puzzle that has been missing in the category is empirical third-party medically-published research that demonstrates that a given natural treatment actually does something useful in the setting of the hair follicle. This is the area of investigation in which my lab excels. And while the FDA does not necessarily require published scientific evidence to support the natural hair loss treatment category at the present time, we feel an obligation to the consumer to do so.

We're also pleased and excited to participate in the type of dialogue that excellent websites such as empowher facilitates.

Geno Marcovici, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

September 22, 2009 - 6:49pm


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