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I too want to get off of blood pressure medicine sometimes I think my blood pressure is higher than it was when I started on this medication. I hate it. I did have one that worked to a greater or lesser degree but right now it is not in production since then I have tried a calcium channel blocker that gave me hives, Bystolic that gave me chest pain and swollen lips, and ziac generic which gave me blisters. I have had beta blockers, anti-angitensen medications, calcium blockers, and ace inhibitors which were the worse swelled my entire face up. I am sick of it. While I don't want to have a stroke I just want to feel normal. Why in this scientific age cannot they come up with something that lowers blood pressure and does not cause all these side effects, as if you can just compartmentalize it and put it off to the side. I wish some doctors had to live on this medicine and felt what we feel.

August 21, 2012 - 8:56pm


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