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(reply to unhappyinbrookland)

Your plan sounds like the best option. It is strange to miss two periods in a row, but also strange to have two negative pregnancy tests at home plus a negative pregnancy test at the doctor's office...and a blood test at that.

I can understand that you are still wondering what is going on...are you pregnant and it is not showing up on the tests for some reason, or is there something going on with your hormones that are causing missed periods. It could be anyone's guess at this point, and since you are seeing your doctor next month, that is the best plan to check with your doctor. You also have the option (and I would recommend) to call your doctor, and let them know that your regularly-scheduled annual check-up is actually no longer just a "check up", but that you are having symptoms. They will want to know what symptoms you are having (missed periods, negative tests, tender breasts, etc) and they may want to re-schedule your appointment. So...the short version is: my "insight" would be to call your doctor to see if they want to re-schedule your appointment, based on your symptoms and not just your annual check-up.

Please let us know your results!

September 27, 2009 - 6:56pm


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