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I had bladder sling surgery 12/05. Lots of pain across bladder but especially at the inner legs where groin meets inner thigh area. Many trips back to doctor and he didn't have any answers but to get injections from pain management doctor but then refused to refer me. I could not get an appointment with pain management doctor without referral. Out of frustration I just left it alone. After almost a year the pain subsides and leaks became almost i existent.

It's now 05/17. Having more leaks and now it's to the point it's constant. Every time I stand up or bend over urine expels in large amounts and urgency is awful. Thankfully I haven't had issues at night time wetting the bed. I have to find another doctor and get it checked out again. So humiliating. I'll report back after I find a doctor and go to appointment.

May 23, 2017 - 2:45pm


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