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It's true that many people just lump in many positive influences in sex when they hear anything to do with the adult industry. I was speaking with a representative at HolisticWisdom.com (a very positive, upscale sex education and nontoxic, green sex toy company for women and couples) and she was telling me that often times they deal with things people would think ridiculous. Like the time that PayPal refused to stop taking their business for a couple years (they took them back along with other adult sites very quietly after they changed their policies). Then in another instance, Kinkos would not print some of their literature for an article on female ejaculation. They also said that in many cases, they cannot even advertsie because they are banned as an adult site. They are lumped right in with porn when they sell sex positive things that have nothing to do with porn and in fact focus on sexual health. It is time for us as a society to learn that there are many shades of gray when it comes to sexuality and black and white thinking only ends up hurting us. After all, while we may seemingly be more exposed to sexuality, currently our society seems overly focused on superficial sexuality and it is about time we start trying to give the sex positive companies and a chance.

October 12, 2009 - 8:05am


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