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Anna M.,

Welcome to EmpowHer! And thank you for your great question.

Do you remember if you had a natural libido before you started taking birth control pills? By doing the math, I realize you would have been about 20 then, and may not remember. But I'm wondering if the fact that the birth control pills actually regulated your hormones was helping your libido while you were on them?

Yes, bioidentical hormones can help this. But they also affect many other systems in your body, so it's important to see a doctor who can test your hormone levels and talk with you about what might be best. Usually women begin using hormones during perimenopause or menopause, when their natural levels of hormones are becoming inconsistent. One of our experts, Dr. Margaret Christianson, is an ob/gyn who now dedicates her practice to holistic and integrated medicine. She has made several videos discussing bioidentical hormones. Here are two of them, and you can find others by clicking the arrows in the box beneath either of the videos:


Are you on any other medications?

Can you tell me a bit more about yourself since you have been off the pill? Are your periods regular or irregular? Do you have heavy or light premenstrual symptoms? How bad are your cramps? Do your moods change a lot during the stages of your cycle? How are your sleep patterns? When you do have sex, can you orgasm? Do you still have sexual dreams, or not really? I'm asking because these are some of the other things that changes in hormones can affect.

Please update us, and there may be more specific research we can do for you. And I hope other readers who have had experience in this area will write in and give us their thoughts.

Do you have an ob/gyn who perhaps has experience with bio-identicals, or could she/he perhaps refer you to someone who would test your hormone levels and see where you are?

October 8, 2009 - 9:06am


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