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Thanks for writing, susanc, I am grateful for your thoughts.
You nailed it when you mentioned the fear that AIDS/HIV/H1N1 incur, and I feel for your friend in the school.
You live in the Midwest? I am wondering if you live in a larger town than mine-Bishop is terribly small, everyone knows everyone/thing and rumor tends to be held in more esteem than fact.
I think another problem here is that the virus took so long to arrive. The first confirmed cases were reported in our thrice-weekly newspaper on September 29th, less than 2 weeks ago.
We are a tourism-dependent community and folks pass through without much chance of infecting others. Whether or not that is a factor, I'm not sure, but we are very isolated here.
People have obviously known of the H1N1 strain since early Spring, but I think as a community, we felt somewhat immune.
I am not defending their reactions at all, susanc, but this small-town mentality is something to behold! Folks tend to care for one another as well, so it's not all 'big fish in a small bowl.'
My husband is getting better as each day goes by, but this tough guy of mine has certainly been hit hard.
I am still on the Tamiflu-one more dose, and feel fine...
Thanks again for writing-

October 10, 2009 - 11:09am


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