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(reply to Laurel Rogers)


I'm glad to hear your husband is getting better as each day goes by. But he sure has had a rough time.

Last week, my sister was home with the flu. I cannot remember a time when she has been sick. She is an RN at a hospital and she also has 3 small children still at home who bring a variety of viruses into the house each winter, but she never seems to get them. She must have an incredibly hardy immune system. But this flu was a bear for her. So far no one else in the house has gotten it, thank heavens.

I know what you mean about small towns. My hometown has about 4,000 people. Heck, news travels faster in that town than it does on television, LOL. But they are also the best people in the world, and I imagine you feel that way too.

Yay for the Tamiflu, keeping you healthy. I hope your husband gets better and better this week. Please update us and let us know.

October 12, 2009 - 8:48am


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