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Hi, thanks for reporting your experience and symptoms. I'm also 65 and almost always get the flu shot but this year i started having symptoms a lot like yours. About two wks after the shot i got overall muscle weakness, fatigue went to bed for two and a half days, flew to miami and was fine for weekend but upon return, pain started in my neck and upper back and got so bad i couldnt move my neck and went to the ER. They had no clue of cause. I was on ibuprofen and tylenol around the clock and subsided some, then my right shoulder developed intense pain to the tounch and couldnt sleep on it at all., using heat,cold ibuprofen its somewhat better, but suddenly my hip started hurting so much can barely lift my leg. I've never had anything like this and am/ was very fit. I told my doc about shoulder pain and he referred me to a physical thrapist. I think he has no clue either.

February 13, 2018 - 11:22am


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