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I love this post. Not just for the reasons you wrote about, though I'm sure some of the messages about fast food get through to me. But because I know I have television on too much.

You know how we talk about comfort food? Well, I think many of us use television as "comfort tv." It is company when one works at home, as I do. It is a window from the outside world coming into the house, talking to me, sometimes entertaining me, sometimes informing me. (And, of course, advertising to me.)

I generally have the television on somewhere in the house whenever I'm home, whether I'm working, cleaning, or watching it for recreation. But I have ADD, and I know that it also can distract me from whatever it is that I'm really intending to do at the time. I also know that it can easily keep our creativity at bay -- without it on, I might think about filling the hummingbird feeders, reading the newspaper, or working in the garden. With it on, I'm more likely to be passive.

Thanks for the nudge. I might keep your diary, but for different reasons!

October 19, 2009 - 8:27am


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