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I am ready for more answers sooner than later. Anyone know of any actual treatments for XMRV, or for that matter, how to get a doc not to look at you sideways if you ask to be tested for it...
I suspect that XMRV may have some relation to many other unexplained illnesses that are either judged and untreated or treated symptomatically without a substantial alteration in quality of life.
? how to get tested
? what is the treatement
? what natural treatments would be available now- have tried many
Retroviruses are tricky, I do go the natural route as much as possible, but don't know how effective a general natural antiviral can be with a nasty retrovirus...
HIV is a retrovirus...pretty well researched and there are meds that improve quality of life, anyone hear of someone trying HIV meds for XMRV?

December 4, 2009 - 11:51pm


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