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I think i might have xmrv, but then again, symptoms are similar to lyme disease...which is hard to test for...I'm a Mom who is tired, achy, with brain fog, with 2 boys with issues one who has symptoms of ADHD and the other is diagnosed with low functioning autism and I also need to make a living...both my boys have allergies and bowel issues,,,it has to be related...I have a sister with fibromyalgia and a brother with asthma and allergies...we are the canaries, all with similar genetic predispositions and different manifestations depending on our own particular environmental triggers , genetics and timing of the threshold of both having been surpassed...I've done what I can so far, and continue to do all that I can...I have been done the autism stuff, the adhd stuff, the allergie stuff, done the diets, supplements and therapies..my older son is well for the most part as a result, my younger son really suffers, and I do as well...all of this is ENVIRONMENTAL illness, with genetic predisposition. I am all ears for anyone with answers...there is so much out there, but most of it out of reach in terms of money and time...both of which I'm so short of...if I could save my kids then I would have more time...but if I save myself I would have a better shot at saving my kids...there are only so many personal resources that any single person has...I realize that this site is about CFS, but maybe some of you have kids with issues too???
very open to what others have to say...
God Bless anyone who has environmental illness, manifsted as CFS or otherwise,.,,

December 24, 2009 - 8:29pm


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