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HI again Jinger,

Thank you so much for clarifying what is going on with your eye twitch. I read the posts above and I think you have received some excellent suggestions and information. I also ran a search for "eye twitch" on the site and found a post from a young woman who wrote about her twitches earlier this summer. I also thought the replies she received were helpful and some of them mirror information given above (like the magnesium/calcium ratio):


Like you said, just one cup of coffee a day probably wouldn't be causing the eye twitch, especially since you've been drinking that amount for some time. I'm not a physician or anything but to me that doesn't seem like a lot of caffeine. You might be onto something with your lower amounts of calcium than magnesium. Please let us know what you decide to try and what works for you. I hope the twitch goes away soon! Big hugs, Michelle

October 16, 2009 - 10:52pm


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