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Hello fritzgla,

I wanted to thank you for posting such fantastic information about sleep apnea. Your article was really well-written and very informative. I can't tell you how many people I know, both men and women, with this problem. And those are the ones who know it! I wonder how many millions of people have it and yet either have no clue or else they just don't want to go in and get tested.

A good girlfriend of mine has it and she also had issues with TMJ. The specialist she saw said there is often a connection between the two, at least that he sees. He told her it's not one of those conditions that does not typically make the list of apnea-related issues but he sees it all of the time. He said clenching your jaw can help open an airway, or at least that's what some patients try in their sleep. For my friend he wanted to test her again for apnea to see what her current results were and then in his office he recommends an oral appliance to treat it. Are you familiar with that? It is supposed to be easier to use and less intrusive than the CPAP.

Thank you again for this great information! I think you have helped a lot of people with your post. Best in health, Michelle

October 20, 2009 - 11:54pm


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