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Expert HERWriter

Aren't those WOW moments amazing? I've had plenty of those as well. I can totally see how TMJ could be connected with nerves in your neck. My girlfriend was seeing a specialist here in the Phoenix area who is a dentist by education, but now he works in this area of facial pain, TMJ, etc. She had started out with her own dentist and was referred to the specialist. I think you are also correct about the TMJ including ringing in the ears sometimes.

My girlfriend also contends that there is a strong genetic link in apnea. She said her own experiences with it inspired her Dad to go into a sleep lab as he was having excessive sleepiness during the day. He was also diagnosed with it and is doing well with his CPAP machine. But they don't seem to be for everyone. Are you planning on looking into the TMJ aspect a bit more, even though your case, if you have one, may be mild? Thank you again for your very insightful posts! Big hugs, Michelle

October 21, 2009 - 11:03pm


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