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Thank you so much for commenting me back this has been bothering me for quite some time now. It is very unfortunate that my boyfriend did not tell me about the incident right away, however i would never have done anything to try and terminate or stop a pregancy from happening. God has his plan for me and if this is it so be it.

Until i kno for sure I am taking the proper precautions as if i was having a baby. As of now i dont think that i feel any different and it makes it hard when your mind plays tricks on you and you get that feeling of "oh my god am i pregnant" I havent taken a test yet because i dont get paid until tomorrow and i didnt want to over react until i heard something back. Plus pregnancy tests arent cheap and if its too soon to tell i dont want to waste my money.

Now that i got feedback i can take the next step in figuring this whole thing out. I havent said anything to my boyfriend as of now because i dont want to scare him unless its necessary. He and i have had conversations about what would happen in a situation like this and we both know that we could and would do everything to make it work. We are both finacially steady and although we may be young we have enough love, intelligence, and money to take care of a child

If you have time, it would really help to know the earliest signs of pregnancy that most people dont know about. Anything that might trigger a clue or something. Not the usual signs that ive read on the internet a million times (laugh out loud). If i could possibly get the perspective of someone who has been through this and knows first hand it would be so helpful and great appreciated

thanks again so much

October 19, 2009 - 5:45am


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