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HERWriter (reply to Anonymous)


If you read the article, and the comments about it, you can see that there are frequent mentions that everyone is different, individuals with Asperger's syndrome are not all the same ... These folks are taking what may be a rare opportunity to speak up and be heard about some things that have been very painful in their lives, without being ignored or talked over. I think it is important that they are able to do this.

Individual's comments that talk about their own experience with their own parents are just that. They are not blanket statements about all Aspies. I'm sorry that you take them that way. They are not blanket statements, they are talking about how they feel in their own lives.

I wrote this article for the children of Aspies, whose feelings and needs are often ignored and discounted within their families, by their parents. I have seen several comments to this article that could be examples of just how that is done.

The offspring talk about the hurts that they have experienced and a few (not all) Aspie parents have written comments that completely ignore the pain -- they do not say "I am sorry you have experienced this." They do not say, "I didn't realize. Tell me more." Instead a few commenters have instead made this NT offspring of Aspies article about them and their pain.

I don't doubt that many people with Aspergers have pain in their lives. There are resources out there for people with Aspergers, especially Aspie children. I am sure that that does not make everything all better but at least the struggles of Aspies are recognized.

We're talking here about the need for NT children of Aspies to also be recognized and supported, without it being wrested away by someone else. Again. 

April 20, 2013 - 8:15am


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