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HERWriter (reply to Anonymous)

As to your dad not being diagnosed, maybe that doesn't matter. Whether he is clinically such or not, if you are seeing new insights due to what you know about Asperger's syndrome, and if those insights are helping you, maybe that is enough.

It's not dishonesty. You are not sharing with him about something he wouldn't want to hear or be interested in. But you know something new, which is making a difference for you. Maybe there will be some relief in doing something where you only have to consider yourself and its effect on you.

As to what to do about the astonishing lack of material for NT children of Aspie parents, I don't know the answer to that. Unless it's to start filling the Internet up with it somehow.

Perhaps an NT adult child might write a blog about their experience.

Maybe someone might create a website and add links to the few things that are on the Web concerning this group. 

Somebody could start a forum just for NT kids of Aspies.

I hope to write another article soon. This has been slowed down by that lack of research material you mentioned. 

Other people may not be very interested in you. They may not even know that what you go through even exists. The only way I know of to start from Ground Zero where nobody is talking about it, is to go ahead and start talking about it myself. If some NT kids were to do that ... who knows?

August 21, 2015 - 6:14am


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