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I am 29. I am sexually active. I do not use birth control. The bleeding with clots started about 2 days after my normal cycle would have. So it was pretty consistant. Not normally 31 day cycle, normally 28-29 day cycle on target. I do get the pms symptoms usually just very mild and nothing severe. These have been incredibly stressful. My bra's hurt, I swell up so bad by the end of the day. Very irritable with everyday situations, and so tired that I have been in bed by 8pm everynight for 4 days. Usually stay up until about 11pm. Headache almost everyday. My periods are normally fairly normal. I do vary from month to month and I have small clots in the past. I have had no fever and no real abdominal pain, just period like cramps and general "uncomfortable" feeling. My lower abdomen will also swell, but my legs, feet and hands are the worst at swelling. I have tried to leave notes for the nurse at my gyno office to take call back, and I have not gotten any answer.

October 23, 2009 - 12:41pm


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