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I have Hashis and was on synthetics for 20 years. By year 18 I had all kinds of hypo symptoms including hair loss, depression, low temperatures, inexplicable weight gain, foggy/fuzzy thinking (brain fog) and I had begun having symptoms of perimenopause - hot flashes, night sweats, erratic menstrual cycles. And the worst symptom of all - CRASHING fatigue. All it took was 15 minutes of playing with my 3 year old son and it would take 3 days for me to recuperate.

I went to 3 different doctors: my gynecologist (maybe it's perimenopause?), my endocrinologist (maybe my thyroid meds aren't working properly?), and my general practitioner. NOT ONE of them helped me. I was lucky I found information online that helped me to realize that (1) I was on the wrong medication (synthetics are CRAP), (2) I needed to find a different doctor to treat my hypothyroidism/Hashis, and (3) my new doctor needed to treat me based on my symptoms (NOT solely on TSH levels) and also do the CORRECT blood testing (FT3, FT4 - NO TSH testing for thyroid levels). It took me 2 years to find all this out (ON MY OWN - NO thanks to ANY doctor I had). And 2-1/2 years ago I finally got put on Armour Thyroid.

Those synthetics might SEEM like they're working okay. But, they're NOT. After only 3 days of being on Armour Thyroid, I finally started to feel like myself again. I still have some ground to cover - my adrenals were severely taxed by 20 years of taking Synthroid and Levoxyl. So, I don't have my thyroid quite where I'd like it. But, I'm getting there.

October 23, 2009 - 12:54pm


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