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Hi Anon, I am sorry you are feeling this way and hope you get more responses from people that can relate.

You are forgetting that there is a third option for you: adoption. There are many people that truly cannot have children and adopt to fill their need to become a parent. It takes a really selfless person to decide not to abort and give the baby up for adoption. Yes you would have to carry it and deliver but in the end you aren't taking a life.

I, personally, have no experience with abortion but I had a friend who did and said she still had nightmares about what she had done and admitted that it would be on her mind forever. I think if this is what you choose in the end, you have to be very mentally prepared for the repercussions.

If you do choose to keep your baby, it's not the worst thing in the world- I promise. You don't have to buy a house with a man that you dislike and you certainly don't have to marry him. I find that this is a big mistakes young couples tend to make because they want to "do the right thing" after getting pregnant. Marriage is something that needs to be thought through thoroughly not jumped into because of pregnancy. You can also rent an apartment, not buy a house in the worst part of town just to say "I own a home". Think about your relationship, talk with your boyfriend. What he did was extremely shady but try to access your relationship as a whole, not based on that lie. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it's what is best for you and the baby. It's best to be a great single mother than a miserable mom and wife.

Good Luck, please keep us posted.

October 28, 2009 - 5:42am


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