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hey i have the same problem my boyfriend never wants to have sex with me he makes accuses that he doesnt want to do it in the car but we used to always.we have sex like once a month when i mention it to him he calls me a slut);; i tell him im ur gurl n i should be able to talk to him a bout it he gets all mad at me i think he cheating because he has a high sex drive n b4 we used to do it all the time n was kinda 2 much now he doesnt want to touch me like that since i rejected doing anal with him now he doesnt ask for normal sexx i want to make love but he doesnt do u think he cheating?/ plz what should i do should i play hard to gettt n not talk about this issue to him im geting sexually fustrated as well);

April 2, 2011 - 1:05am


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