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me and my boyfriend have been going out for 9 months, i have started to doubt him a little bit now but deep down i love him so much it's hard to even think about not being with him. He is supportive most of the time and he tells me i'm pretty and all that (but) there are just some things that have been disturbing me.. im not sure if im overreacting because my boyfriend says i am but here goes... in bed i always give him what he wants and i get nothing in return i bring this up with him everytime and his excuses are "im too tired or we cant because then my room will smell if my parents come in"- uh even though i just gave him oral he thinks that this wont cause a "sex" smell in the room.. it really hurts me when he says these things and when i have told him he says "okay i promise next time or remind me next time" i do this and i get nothing again its so manipulative but i love him and want to please him.. he used to be all over me in the start of the relationship its like well now hes seen it he doesnt want to touch it anymore (meaning my privates) i feel very judged by this and unattractive, he always gets away with it in the end by saying i love you so much blah blah blah it makes me feel so guilty for being upset about the sex.
your advice would be highly appreciated
thanks olivia

May 21, 2011 - 6:14am


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