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Expert HERWriter Guide Blogger (reply to Anonymous)

Hi Anon -

High blood pressure is one of the main contributing factors in developing chronic kidney disease. You can learn more about ckd through the EmpowHER reference page: https://www.empowher.com/media/reference/chronic-renal-failure

While very rare, kidney side effects have been reported from the use of Nexium, including at least two cases of interstitial nephritis. You can learn more here:

According to another resource this is a very rare side effect, affecting less than 1 in 10,000 people. http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/medicines/100004304.html

Have you been provided with information to assist you with this condition? Have you considered joining a support group? There are a lot of things you can do to help manage ckd and we wish you all the best in doing so.
Take care, Pat

March 30, 2010 - 6:09pm


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