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I'm sorry to hear about your relapse. Maybe less sunlight and increased molds in the air, (if you live where winter is wet)...

Identifying and dealing with only that which has the most value in your life is one of the wisdom gifts of illness. Your description of that process is great.

After reading through your articles and the links you've provided, I want to tell you that I think you are incredibly thorough, focused, and very readable. You encapsulate and integrate the big picture seamlessly with your own experiences. The fine details that may ultimately explain more than one illness and help hugely with treatment are also provided and very relevant.

The personalized package of medical information and strategies you've developed from your own experience could help many others. It's scientifically accurate and pretty far advanced from the average clinician's knowledge. I wish doctors would pay more attention to your perspective and body of knowledge.

I'm one of many people who suspect that a viral problem connects CFS, autism spectrum disorders in their families, nervous system and cognitive problems, mitochondrial, metabolic and immune dysfunction, as well as environmental toxins in people with these problems.

You've woven threads of experience and information into what is starting to look like a nearly complete tapestry for this group. I'm sending my contacts links to your page here because it is so very targeted on what we've been dealing with.

Our immune systems are elegant, amazing, and sensitive, kind of an invisible dynamic matrix that all other body systems must rely on and refer to for survival of the whole. Hopefully, medical care will start to recognize this and provide better guidelines and treatments.

November 10, 2009 - 1:25pm


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