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I have been in remission since 1983 and after haveing massive dose of immunoglobulin as part of Rabies treatment after being bitten by raccoon I am now in full blown relapse. It did not take a doctor to confirm it. I began having trigger point pain. It would be different every day. I finally went to doctor when it got to where I could not get my legs to work so I could get off bed. I have to awake three hours before I have to be at work at a busy hospital . Being alone in world I have to work three jobs to pay bills and now I am looking at medical bills which means finding another job. I got through this in the 80's by stretching, walking, diet and later into recovery with aerobic dance. I am 28 years older now but I know I will beat it the same way. I have and I encourage everyone with this to have a ,"I am the boss of my body and you
will not get me!" attitude. Don't ever let the pain keep you from moving. Each morning it gets easier to move with the longer I am up and moving.

November 16, 2009 - 3:16pm


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