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Anonymous (reply to Michele Blacksberg RN)

I see/feel where you're coming from, Michele, thank you. But can you try to put yourself in Michael's body and feel for even a few seconds the magnitude of invasion he must have felt, placed by destiny on the world scene when people tried to anatomically dissect him from very early on? He often felt embarrassed when the spotlight was shone on him, why? Well, I can relate to this, and not because I'm "shy" (which MJ wasn't BTW)--there is a wealth of nuances pertaining to states of blushing, such as being reticent, reserved, modest, etc., which is natural to even a newborn without social conditionings. When you try to stay true to yourself (as difficult as it is in today's world of multilayered influences and invasions on your identity), people in their brutish herd-mentality selves try to mob you with pitchforks into their own state of mediocrity. And that's what still keeps happening to someone like MJ. Why oh why can't we protect the jewels of God's creation like Michael was to the world, whose main motif was to model to us what a true human being may be and become? I supposed, as a mob, we haven't evolved yet...

November 11, 2009 - 12:09pm


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