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Michale having vitiligo or lupus which he had both was not the problem, the problem was that people taunted him about his vitiligo making untrue statements and claiming he had no such disease but that he bleached his skin. Michael himself told the word he had vitiligo hoping to clear some peoples inquisitive and insatiable appetite to know other peoples business, however the world turned on him and called him names and made fun of him, never mind the pictures to prove he had vitiligo, never mind the fact that it is impossible to bleach your whole body, never mind the spots of brown spots showing on his white skin as he performed, never mind the fact that he walked around with an umbrella shielding himself from the sun's ability to cause him cancer due to de-pigmentation of his skin, never mind and overlook all the proof pointing to vitiligo and simply write what fools wanted to hear.

Thanks to the tabloids, main stream media and websites which don't monitor their posting degrading speech to be said about honorable people.

It's a proven fact that his diseases wasn't his problem because he continued to perform and do great and he continued to be loved by his loyal fans, It's a fact that the people and news organizations who graduated from ignorance to stupidity was his problem.

Notice that Sammy Sosa and his PR team making statements that he is not trying to be like Michael Jackson. What in the hell does that mean? Can you imagine someone bald saying "they are not trying to be like Farah Fawcett"? Some articles today stating "sammy does not have Michael Jackson disease" I didn't know there was a disease called "Michael Jackson" Why can't they simply say " Sammy Sosa is not suffering from Vitiligo"? Because they are STUPID, INSENSITIVE, UNEDUCATED, UNLOVING FOOLS. My God kill them all.

November 11, 2009 - 4:43pm


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