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Anonymous (reply to Alison Beaver)

I AM 60,and had cervical cancer at 23,ovaries lost to cyst,I was put on hormones to try to keep me healthy,less than 6 months they took hormones bak due to my cancer and family history,so Im not even 30 yet,with 3 small children and dead husband,killed in accident,so I am feeling very old and some of the symptoms you are describing.And from there I get diagnosed with a crippling disease that was invisable,Fibromyalgia! At a time when no one had ever heard of such a thing,at age 45 my test shows Osteoporosis,and menapause .from my brains to my bowels to my bladder to my bones,and today I sit here not seeing anymore doctors,and thier treatment,honey through all of this call my life,I learned one thing,listen to yourself!do not diagnose yourself but every thing and your God given common sense,will tell to seek medical attention,please don't wait for your age,You can be old when your young,pay attention to those little things,that also helps a doctor correctly diagnose the problem.

March 5, 2017 - 9:16pm


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