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STWW is going to do you more harm than good. Your SI joints are going to become inflamed as the ligaments stretch. Read what Richard DonTigny and other leading PT's have to say about posture, a floppy belly and maintaining a too prominent lordotic curve. Stay far away from the cult-like WW and its maverick leader. Her 'improvement' has only been as a result of pushing her prolapsed uterus digitally back into position and has nothing whatsoever to do with posture. Also, her shying away from using HRT is a hoax as her foray into using organic raw butter as HRT has no more or less value than purchasing a bio-identical HRT from the nearest pharmacy. Join the many women who have decided to leave before physical damage was permanent. There are other less biased forums to join.

Bless you.

December 29, 2009 - 11:41am


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