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Hi Melissa - Sorry you're going through these issues, and I have a couple of suggestions. First, a good way to deal with the dust is to get a face mask. I have allergies to dust, and find the masks very helpful. You can get inexpensive paper ones at the drug store, or you can find really fancy (and more expensive ones) from companies that specialize in allergy treatment products.

Now, for the dry skin problem. Skin reactions to drug therapy are very common. It helps to use mild, non-perfumed, non-deodorant soaps. Some that I like are Neutrogena, Aveeno, Basis and Dove. Or, instead of soap, a gentle creme cleanser can help with the dryness. Using a moisturizer will also help as the oils in them provide a layer over the skin to help keep moisture in, and help keep you from drying out. Again, it helps to avoid the ones with heavy fragrance as they can irritate the skin. Look for products labeled "perfume-free," "for sensitive skin," or "allergen-free." Many doctors recommend Cetaphil lotion or Sarna lotion. Both are drug store products that are good for those with dry skin and sensitive skin, and are often recommended for cancer patients.

Hope this helps, and that you're able to enjoy your remodeling project and make the most of it. Take care, Pat

December 16, 2009 - 6:08pm


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