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I just found this article. I have a very hard time after the holidays are over. I just found myself arguing with customer service representatives, on the verge of tears, and just sad that everything is over. Whenever fall arrives, it's like "life" arrives. The season change is beautiful. It gets cool, vivid outside, and then the fun starts. Even though I am fully grown, I still love Halloween. And then you can look forward to Thanksgiving. Then to Christmas. There is happy music all over the place, all over the radio, Christmas commercials, movies, etc. You can go out and feel like a kid again when you drive through the city and see people decorate. And then it all comes to an abrupt stop. And what do you get in return? No holidays, cold, gray skies, stuck inside. It takes me a very long time to recover from the "loss" of Christmas. It takes me several months. It has been this way for about 5 years now. I guess because I feel like it's the one time of year that meets my spirit, sort to speak. It's not to say that I can't be happy year round. But there's something special about the last holidays of the year. I kind of wish Christmas just faded away gradually, little by little. I just don't understand myself, though. I never got this bad when I was a child. I don't personally subscribe to any of the feelings in the article. I don't feel guilty about spending, I don't feel any regrets, etc. I just feel happy and joyful and I can't seem to capture that magic throughout the year. Eventually I do, but I just feel a big loss after Christmas and I don't know how to explain it otherwise. I like summer. Summer is fun and light. But Christmas is life.

January 2, 2015 - 3:31pm


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