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I'm thankful I live in a cold climate, so I had snow to look forward to in January.

I sometimes have that bluish 'back to reality' feeling after New Year's Day.

I remember as a kid I hated when we had to return to school right after New Year's Day.

What I often do now is still take down the Christmas/Hanukkah decorations, but replace them with generic winter decorations like white lights and snowflake designs, so my place doesn't look bare and dull in January.

I also have a huge poster of a snowy mountain range that covers one wall that I put up every New Year's Day and leave up until March.

I'm also close to retirement age, so once I retire, I can set up my own schedule and not have to dread the 'back to the saltmines' syndrome in early January.

I have a friend who has a teaching job that she loves...so for her, returning to work after the holidays isn't bad and she plans fun winter activities with her students.

Some people also schedule a few days off in either late January or early February, so there's a break from monotony.

December 26, 2016 - 7:40pm


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