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As much as I would like not to, I have to agree with "Debbie Downer" on Uganda and its less than admirable human rights record. As an ex- Zimbabwean I can attest to the fact - with a little help from Robert Mugabe - that African politics is notoriously expedient, to say the least. Nevertheless, any negative publicity for the proponents of FGM is good publicity as far as I am concerned, and we need plenty of it. My small contribution can be found on my website, along with comments by Narwal El Saadarwi, the Egyptian doctor who has been campaigning tirelessly (and bravely) for decades to eliminate this abhorrant ritual that has no foundation in any religion, despite what they would have us believe. There are also links to several interesting articles on the subject from around the world. It's all free at www.jeroldrichert.com/FGM.html
Jerold Richert - author

January 5, 2010 - 8:48pm


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