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I did the "bow training" with Liza Miller and five others. We did 3,000 bows, and no one besides the seven of us was in the room to check whether we did them all. We each counted on our own and went at our own pace. We took breaks and drank water and went to the bathroom when we needed too. Some people actually stopped and received healing (basically energy healing and massage) from instructors who were nearby, and then went back and finished bowing. But they didn't have to continue if they didn't want to. Supportive instructors and fellow Dahn Yoga members had soup and fruit ready for us when we finished, along with advice about how to take care of our bodies afterward. For me, it was a beautiful and invigorating experience. I'm sorry that Liza no longer feels the same, and that the general public only has her opinion of the exercise to understand it from, since she was on CNN.

Dahn Yoga has prepared a website to share their side of the story if anyone is interested: http://dahnyogavoice.com

January 9, 2010 - 6:00pm


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