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This is so interesting, and I ended up here in a rather different way. I was reading the discharge papers sent to me by my parent's vet, their very obese and very sweet kitty was struggling to breathe and I thought it more than likely was because of carrying 3 times more body weight than her little frame should have.
Things looked good, but there was mention of "pericardial fat", which I needed to Google. So I have really learned this week that we ladies do, for our health in so many ways, need to keep movin'. I have Fibromyalgia and exercise sometimes is the last thing i can even imagine doing. But the heart is a muscle too, and we want strong muscles to keep our bodies working the best they can.
I feel newly inspired to get myself and my cat friend into shape. (And it has always been my understanding that we really get rid of all fat the same way, that there really is no special way to "trim your bum" or whatever the magazines say :) Good food and good exercise! Thank you so much for the article and I know Kitty will thank you too ;-)
(this captcha is haaaaard! One more try, i can barely make out what this is, and I promise I am not a robot :0))
Amy Lynn Hunt

January 22, 2016 - 10:15pm


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