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As a frequent cruiser, this one really makes me think. On the one hand, most cruise ports are, ah, shall we say, "home to less financially blessed nations that really need our support". On the other hand, yeah, I get that partying it up while they are still digging out from under the rubble is a bit unseemly.

Most cruise ports are located such that vacationers are steered into the "tourist traps", not brought into the villages and cities where those not affiliated with the travel industry live. In fact, you could easily visit all kinds of countries and never see how their people actually live- you get the "Disney" version. So, I think we'd be doing more harm than good by staying away- they needed our money before, they certainly need it more than ever now. I hate to think of yanking the rug out from under them in this way.

January 22, 2010 - 12:25pm


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