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Guys i've had the problem aswell like this is the second year im experiencing it and never in my life i had this peeing problem. Last year at school I had to go toilet more than three times which was really embarrassing as my friends thought i had some problem.I used to go at night and day, but this year i have to go mostly at day after every 2 hrs, my bladder does not feel empty. I even went to the doctors like 3 times and they did a urine test but everything came clear, they also did an ultrasound of my lower abdomen but it was clear. I seriously dont know what to do, the doctors say its just me thinking that i need to go, but its not. This is seriously affecting me and interfering with my life, and now im going overseas too for 2 months and i dont know, how i'm going to control this. If anyone knows this problem please could u advise me on what to do.

November 8, 2016 - 1:48am


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