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I do not understand how anyone can say this is an 'inappropriate' time slot to air this ad. I have seen the ad and it's not offensive at all. You may not agree with the message this ad hopes to convey, but that alone should not make an ad be deemed 'inappropriate'. I for one find the overt sexual ads demeaning women as sex objects with huge fake breasts having fights with each other for the sake of turning a man on, much more offensive and inappropriate given that the Superbowl is a family friendly show. We still have freedom of speech in this country and just as an ad for birth control pills or the morning after pill might offend some, it should not be disallowed just due to a segment of the population that doesn't agree with practicing birth control. Seriously, watch the ad and take out your personal beliefs and find anything that is offensive. It's tasteful and a celebration of life. The right to choose not to have an abortion is just as legal as the right to choose to have one. Either one of those decisions should not be taken lightly. Maybe this ad will help assist someone in the process of choosing make the right choice for her. Don't feel so threatened. Btw, I have had two abortions and I have had three children.

February 4, 2010 - 7:59am


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