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Anonymous (reply to Anna Portela)

Dear Anna,

This ad does not tell anyone what to do with their bodies. It simply celebrates a woman's choice. Just as pro-life proponents might find an ad that depicts a woman-let's say a famous, successful heart surgeon-telling her story of how she was faced with the choice of aborting her fetus and chose to do so. They then show the path of her life from the moment of her choice, making a point that if she had chosen to have a child at age 18, she might not be where she is today. She might have been a long suffering single mother who never went back to college and never became the successful heart surgeon who saved so many lives. I dare say pro-life proponents would be up in arms at a pro-abortion message being delivered. But....well, deal with it. As I said, we still have freedom of speech and abortion is legal just as the right to choose not to have one is. And to the prior poster who feels sorry for the woman who might have some regret for choosing an abortion, well, that again is something she has to deal with. We can not edit our society (you might edit your own personal words with a friend but that is different) to make sure nothing offends or hurts someone. I feel more sorry for the plain Jane girls with a flat chest and no confidence who has to view all the ads that tell them how only beautiful, large busted women appeal to the man. How sad for them to have to sit through the Superbowl and watch ads-primarily made by men for men, with their man as he oogles the sexy, hot woman and makes her feel even worse and 'less than'. Why aren't their petitions to stop those ads? Very interesting.

February 4, 2010 - 9:03am


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