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Dear Pat;
Thank you for bringing attention to one of the most significant health issues for women; heart disease.

I enjoyed your post and found the comments that followed very interesting. Specifically the comment that those who advocate for women and heart disease have it all wrong as to why more women die than men.

As for the diagnosis of heart disease, both men and women are in the same boat. We are all subject to the exact same tests and given the same course of treatment. That is, if in fact heart disease is diagnosed when a women presents with angina.

Having been diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease, the standard testing for heart disease did not initially diagnose my condition. It was only after a specific test geared towards microvascular dysfunction when a diagnosis was determined.

Therein lies my point. Those specializing in cardiac research have stated that past clinical trials have been done according to the symptoms that men present. Because women have different symptoms than men, research is now being done to determine how best to treat women as heart disease affects them differently.

What some might consider gender-biased research is life saving research for others.

Finally, to call into question the motives of those trying to raise awareness of a condition that remains the number one killer of women escapes me. After all, heart disease affects us all. Both men and women are affected; therefore any awareness raised in the name of heart disease benefits both genders.

For more information from those in the know, please see:


Most Sincerely,
Rebecca Fortunato

February 4, 2010 - 10:02pm


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