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I'm a literary translator and a story teller and recently I've started translating a new book. Of course this meant doubling my coffee intake which was already much beyond the amount people usually drink (from morning to midday I literally live on coffee). Anyway, this month my breasts were really sore during pms, so sore that even showering was hell. I was counting the days for my period to end so that I could be free of this horrible pain. And you know the story: The period has left the scene but the pain is still there with all its glory! I had an appointment for a mammography which I had to cancel because of surprisingly more pain after my period. So as the queen of pessimists, I had all sorts of bad thoughts in my mind. First, I definitely thought I was pregnant although the chances were close to zero. The test: Negative. Then started the paranoia of breast cancer or any other cancer. At nights, I was dreaming of cancer cells eating up my whole body (In addition to my fictitious mind, the reason could also be the piercing pain I felt when I turned to one side in bed for example - the pain was more at night in bed and when I woke up). Luckily yesterday I bumped into a good friend of mine who owns an organic shop and who regularly receives a lot of training on health issues as part of her job. We were talking and I told her about the pain in my breasts. The first thing she said was "are you drinking more coffee?" And she also added that women with a high tendency for fibrocystic breasts (me!), experience the discomfort more severely. So, immediately googled the subject and saw your post. From tomorrow on, I will start reducing the number of cups. (Cutting the amount even in half would make a big difference I'm sure) Anyway, we'll see what happens.

March 1, 2016 - 8:08am


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