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this cd is helped me:


i am also exercising everyday, but i do not do any exercise that might make me bulkier. i like figure skating, irish step dance, ballet, pilates, gyrotonics, horseback riding, gymnastics, and yoga. i also walk a lot. i don't do cardio because it causes me to overeat and throw up.

i found raw honey (not the regular kind, but the kind you can order from amazon.com), all natural coconut water, and all natural aloe drinks (from amazon.com)helped with the physical damage. i drink a lot of tea (licorice tea is supposed to help) and water. fresh soups (the canned ones have too much sodium so i bloat and start panicking about my weight- i am also lactose intolerant so i avoid dairy foods so i do not bloat and panic about my weight) and oatmeal with a lot of milk (lactose-free for me)and brown sugar are good meal replacements for me.

i stopped talking to anyone that was mean to me if i told them to stop and they didnt. i also do not tell people everything because people would get too involved and stress me out. i also made my life more simple. i take naps or a bubble baths now when i feel overwhelmed.

i don't buy any trigger foods anymore, either.

i took control of my life. i do not listen to what others have to say. i make decisions for myself and i do what is best for me.

it takes time, but everything will be okay. i don't think it is supposed to go away one hundred percent, but if you slip up a few times a year is not damaging.

December 18, 2010 - 1:53am


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