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Studies are showing that over 50% of the population is exposed to HPV. In 90% of the cases the virus passes through a woman's body in two years. I applaud the work that you are doing in promoting HPV awareness. However, building the immune system is a sure way to dodge the virus - as with all other viruses. When our bodies become acidic vs. alkaline (processed foods vs. live foods) viruses will come out and play. Some words of caution regarding the promotion of the HPV vaccines: there are now more than 19,000 reported adverse reactions more than there are cases of cervical cancer. Also according to the FDA documents if a woman already has HPV and gets the vaccine her chances of getting cervical cancer increase 44.6%. In fact, two years post-Gardasil, there are many women reporting abnormal paps (cervical lesions and cervical cancer.)

There are now 60 deaths (reported to VAERS - between 1 to 10% reporting) and more accounts of deaths around the world. All of this information is being compiled to share with respective governments. I would caution you and other women to educate before you vaccinate.

February 11, 2010 - 6:23pm


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